Guardian Home Program

Our Guardian Home Program places dogs that we use for breeding in homes with families who will love and care for them as a normal family dog. These dogs are usually the pick of one of our litters, and are the best of the best. The dogs get a wonderful life with families who love them, and the families get loving companions along with some extra income.

The puppies are given to the families free of charge, and after they are finished breeding, the families will have 100% ownership of a spayed or neutered dog. We pay for and deliver food, and also pay any vet bills while the dog is in the Guardian Program. For your help in making our Breeding Program the best it can be, you will earn $150 for each puppy sold in the litter for females. No additional compensation is available for males. A Guardian Home female dog may have up to 5 litters over the course of 3 - 4 years.

Our Guardian Contract is available upon request. Here is what we are looking for in a Guardian Home:

Guardian Home Qualifications

We are looking for a family or individual who wants to be a part of our Program and who can provide a stable home with a fully fenced yard. This family will provide a loving and caring home for one of our dogs including providing regular exercise, a well balanced diet, proper medical care, basic obedience training, regular grooming, and most importantly keeping the dog as a member of your family. A family who owns their own home, has previous dog ownership experience and understands the responsibility of owning a dog would be ideal.

Looking for Guardian Homes

Irish Doodle Puppy


To be a Guardian Home you must live within an hour of Carson City, NV.

If for any reason this arrangement does not work out for either side, it can be reversed. If you are unsure, you know that you are not 'stuck' with an arrangement you are not happy with, making this a very risk free situation. THE DOG WILL ALWAYS REVERT BACK TO DARLING DOODLES IF THE FAMILY DECIDES THIS IS NOT FOR THEM.

If you are interested in learning more about our Guardian Home program, please contact me for more information and to learn about our girls currently seeking Guardian Homes.