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Please reserve your puppy well in advance to avoid disappointment. We take deposits on upcoming litters. Customers may transfer their deposit to future litters in the event that the timing or the selection is not to their liking. However, the deposits are not refundable.

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Available Puppies

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Irish Doodle Puppy Schedule


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Planned Litters

Learn the Differences between F1, F1B and F2B

Meet the Moms

Irish Setter Mom


AKC Irish Setter

Molly is our newest addition - a full AKC Irish Setter. We are thrilled to have an Irish Setter as our newest Mom. Molly is about 3 years old and will be paired with an external Blue-Silver Champion Standard Poodle for standard Irish Doodles with exotic coloring!

Irish Setter Mom


F1 Irish Doodle

Lucy is our F1 Irish Doodle from Molly, our Irish Setter and an external blue Poodle stud. Although Lucy is primarily black, she carries for red and many other colors. We are excited to see what her first litter brings.

Irish Setter Mom


F1B Mini Irish Doodle

Aspen is from our own Fluffy and Token. She is a gorgeous red F1B mini Irish Doodle.

Meet the Dads

Moyen Poodle Dad


AKC Moyen Poodle

Token is our wonderful AKC registered red Moyen Poodle. His father is an apricot Moyen Poodle from Russian lines and his Mother is a red Moyen Poodle with many champions in her lineage and imported from Finland.

Standard Poodle Dad


F1 Standard Irish Doodle

Oliver is from our own Molly and Bobby. He is a cream colored Irish Doodle, but should carry for many different colors.